I was looking for solution to get our office outside and more active during lunch breaks at work. After some discussion with the office, we decided a weekly outdoor yoga class would be perfect. I googled office yoga in Winnipeg and right at the top was Raw Yoga with Alessandra. She provided a reasonable quote and we started right away. Alessandra drove to our office every week all summer with a big bag full of yoga matts for all of our participants and once a week we did an outdoor yoga class. This was also her first time teaching yoga outside and would often refer to the sky as the ceiling and the ground as the floor. It’s ok though, it was fun. Alessandra was very accommodating given that with outdoor yoga comes weather struggles and dealing with insects. On rainy days, she had a no hassle cancelation policy and was also very accommodating with making classes up. She battled the bugs with us and even got stung by a wasp but she kept coming back. She also played music during our class which the group really appreciated. It made it more fun.

Alessandra had a big impact on everyone in the class and really got everyone to love yoga. We had many first timers who all got hooked pretty quick and saw the benefits of what she was teaching. Her style of yoga is different and really made the group work but also have fun. We could all see our improvements throughout the summer to. We all loved it and we all looked forward to it every week. We were all sad when we heard she was moving to Toronto but she turned us all into yoga students and I can assure you that we will continue to practice yoga because of her.
— David Kammerlock, Director of Finance & Administration of Harlan Fairbanks
From the first time I stepped foot into the Raw Yoga studio, I could feel there was something very special going on in this space. It was an evening class in the dead of Winnipeg winter, and I was doubting why I was not going to a hot yoga class on the drive over (and oh man, I am so glad I kept driving to Raw!). Walking into the intimate setting of candles lighting the space, with views overlooking the river, I was immediately welcomed by Alessandra, as if she already knew me. From the first child’s pose of class, listening to Alessandra speak, she soothed my mind, reminding us that this was our practice – to take what you need and leave the rest. When Alessandra leads your practice, you literally leave the rest behind – whatever it is that is going on at home, work, or things made up in your own mind. From the get go, you are in for a treat. You will be pushed to become a better version of yourself. You will feel desire to give back the same amount of energy that Alessandra presents in every.single.class – and will likely surprise yourself at how far you can go. Breathe in. Breathe out. Energy in. Energy out. Raw Yoga came into my life when I needed it the most and has played a large role in my healing journey. Initially, I thought this was because it was an escape from the pain I had begun to sift through. Later, I realized it was the exact opposite. The practice led by Alessandra allowed me to seek deeper inside my heart and mind, becoming confident in my own skin again. To know that I am strong (both physically and mentally!), worthy, and am perfectly me even through my struggles. Alessandra lives and breathes Raw Yoga and I am so very grateful to have come across her path when I did on that cold winter night.
— Kayla Leskiw, Winnipeg
Ever since starting my first Raw Yoga class back in February, I have renewed my love for yoga. I have been to many yoga classes before but never been more enthusiastic or dedicated in practicing yoga. Through Alessandra’s instructions, my body has found space I didn’t think I had and my mind has achieved a calmness that I so desperately seek.

Alessandra’s excellent guidance, the music, the wonderful scented oil and of course the best temple massage at the end of class when you are enjoying shavasana feels like a 55 minute retreat. When I finish class, I am relaxed and invigorated and I am already looking forward to my next class.
— Charlene Coughlan, Winnipeg
Raw Yoga Co. has added so much to my life. When I started In January I was hooked immediately. I love the atmosphere and the music and the smaller class sizes allow for more individualized instruction. Practicing at Raw has made me stronger, more flexible and an all around healthier and better version of myself. I love it.
— Lisa Fulcher, Winnipeg
Raw Yoga Co. is truly a gem. As a beginner to yoga, I found the studio a safe place to practice and learn. The small class sizes allowed for an intimate environment where I was able to receive the instruction and attention from Alessandra that I needed to grow my practice and work on gaining the most out of each pose. All while listening to the most amazing playlists by candlelight in a modern and unpretentious studio. The style of class that RAW offers is perfect in that it continues to challenge the regulars while still being accessible for a variety of skill levels – no doubt due to Alessandra’s talent as an instructor.
— Jen Nagy, Winnipeg
I came upon Alessandra’s classes through community yoga at Lululemon Polo Park in January 2016. At the time, my yoga practice was intermittent: despite Winnipeg’s expansive offering of yoga studios, classes and workshops, nothing seemed to ‘click’ with the experience I was seeking. I wanted a class that was well-cued, focused on the participant’s needs and bodies (and not a prescribed notion of what yoga ‘should’ look like), and that offered a physical challenge as much as it did a mental challenge. Suffice it to say perhaps I had rather high expectations for someone who only practices once or twice a week. So, I was pleasantly surprised when Alessandra’s community practice offered exactly all those elements – with a playlist that rivals some of the best DJs in town. While the music, to my mind, is a fun addition, it doesn’t distract from the practice; in fact, it enhances the momentum as Alessandra encourages you to “flow nice and slow”. After attending each community class at Lululemon, I chose to continue my practice at Raw Yoga Co., Alessandra’s semi-private yoga studio. I have had the opportunity to do 4-participant classes as well as one-on- one classes and in each case, Alessandra is brilliant at adapting the content. I have seen progression in my poses, but more importantly, I have seen progression in my mindset. Yoga has become a non-negotiable on Monday nights. Perhaps some will prefer the power-packed 50-person classes of other studios, or the more spiritually-oriented meditation lifestyle yoga classes. However, if you’re looking for something that feels like you’ve been transported to a warm Santa Monica night, one where you stretch and sweat as much as you smile, all while bending along the grooves of well-chosen tunes, this is where you’ll want to be.
— Renée Desjardins, Winnipeg
Sometimes life brings you what you need even before you know you need it. I believe that Alessandra and Raw Yoga entered my life at the perfect time and empowered me with the tools to grow mentally and physically stronger. It was through my yoga practice that I was able to excel during an intense period of my life.

Alessandra’s gift for teaching is nothing short of inspiring and her love of yoga shines bright in each practice. As a new yogi, I was nervous about yoga in general. I was afraid my body wouldn’t bend the right way or that I wouldn’t have the balance needed for most poses. Ten minutes into my first practice with Alessandra, I felt as though there were no limits to what I could achieve.

Even with six months of practice at Raw Yoga under my mat, I am still eager to attend as many classes as possible each week. I credit Alessandra and Raw Yoga with helping me fall in love with yoga and giving me a path to a better and stronger me!
— Michelle Finley, Winnipeg