When I was nine years old I began my practice in Taekwondo. I went on to study Taekwondo for fifteen years under my Master, earning my third degree black belt. During this time I uncovered a passion to live a lifestyle that inspired positive wellbeing within myself and for the people around me. 

In 2009 I experienced my first formal yoga studio practice. While the art of yoga is visually different from the art of Taekwondo, they both share a physical practice that is beneficial to the practitioner’s body and mind with consistent dedication. Yoga, like Taekwondo are both art forms to be discovered, uncovered and explored over and over again.  

In 2011 I began working at a yoga studio where I was exposed to a variety of yoga styles, incredible instructors, and a visionary who brought it all together. I received accredited training in Yin Yoga from YYoga, Childrens Yoga from Shana Mayerson, Bhakti Yoga with Govind Das at the Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica, California.

Most recently I travelled to Santa Monica where I trained at  the world renowned YogaWorks studio  under the accredited Thomas Taubman and Gigi Snyder.

When I returned to Winnipeg I left my corporate marketing manager position to take the risk of getting raw with myself.  


I have grown a very sacred relationship with the history of yoga from its motherland India to its culture, language and philosophies. This relationship was built on self-initiation and interest. Although this was my journey, it is not everyones. Raw Yoga was created to unlock a new path to experience yoga. Whether you 'do yoga' or 'don't do yoga', I invite you to try something new and explore your potential with Raw.